What we solve

We build software solutions using the latest web and mobile technologies. We can handle the entire project lifecycle from design to production, or implement smaller assignments and assist by consulting.

With modern cloud-based web-development methods we have a solution for most modern software needs:

Are you a new company with software at the center of your business and need a reliable partner? We can build your infrastructure, develop the software solutions, and help you find funding!
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Do you have piles of excels you’re emailing back and forth that you’d like to replace with an application, or maybe an old monolith-of-a-system you’d like to make more future-proof and usable? We can bring your software to the modern era with the latest technologies!
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Does your software team need some more hands on deck? We have a pool of developers with experience in a variety of technologies, maybe working with our developers could be the key to succeed in your projects!
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WE FOCUS ON creating software using the latest web and mobile technologies. Our most used technologies include the likes of React, Vue.js, Node.js. In the world of connectivity, these can solve many common problems companies face. We will deliver tools and solutions for your internal usage or a software to interface with your customers.

WE EMPLOY agile practices and continuous deployment in the development team to ensure timely delivery and high quality. These practices allow our customers to test software along the development process if they wish to do so. After the solution is ready to use in production, we also offer hosting and maintenance services cost-efficiently.

We continuously improve our team and delivery capabilities to future-proof our knowledge.

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