What is codeshares

We wanted to find a sustainable solution for an everyday challenge many companies struggle with – the need for quality software. A solution by which we could help our clients develop their business and, at the same time, do good for the future of our Globe.

Caring about the environment and carbon neutrality are essential topics that forward-thinking organizations have included in their strategy. We have made it possible for our clients and us to have sustainability built into the software development process.

In addition, we have put a lot of effort on making cooperation with Codeshares easy and affordable to each and every client. Our team in Kenya is on the same time zone with most European countries. We use agile ways of working and believe in transparent communication. Projects implemented with Codeshares are suitable for different sizes of businesses and budgets - we offer our clients cost efficient solutions.

OUR DEVELOPMENT TEAM is Finnish/Kenyan, with a majority based in Nairobi. By employing the highly educated professionals in their own home country, we strive to make a sustainable impact in the communities as well as reduce mass migration and brain drain.

AT CODESHARES we care about the community we operate in and want to contribute to it. We are planning to open a coding school for youths living in the slums of Nairobi. Our students will be mentored by Codeshares’ own developers.

Tree Planting Initiative

We have made it possible for our clients to bring their sustainability goals to life! To offset co2 emissions we code green by planting one tree in Africa for each coding hour purchased.

The trees are planted near Oyugis village in Kenya and the type of tree planted depends on the exact location. So far we’ve planted trees from the following species’: Avocado, Grevillea robusta (southern silky oak), Casuarina, Eucalyptus and Mango. We have our own nursery and the trees are planted in four batches during the year. Being planted so close to the equator the trees grow all year round and several times faster than in Finland!

THE INITIATIVE also provides local people work and life opportunities. We work in cooperation with Kenya Forest and local operators who plant and nurture the seedlings, and we are already employing 4 people.

WE WORK IN COLLABORATION with Shadeshares - they manufacture wooden sunglasses with the same sustainable principles as Codeshares. They employ young adults from the slums of Nairobi and plant a tree for each pair of sunglasses sold.

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Welcome to join the journey to a more sustainably developed future with us!
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